Sea Scout Youth Training and Education

Sea Scouts, BSA offers a wide variety of training and education programs designed to enhance your Sea Scout experience.

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Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships (ILSS)

trainmodbutton_ilss This course was introduced in the fall of 2012 to replace Crew Officers Orientation and the Venturing Leadership Skills Course. This course is specific to Sea Scouts and shares a common lexicon with Boy Scout training and aligns with the new Troop Leadership Training (TLT). The goals of ILSS are to give youth a clearer picture of how their position fits in the ship, help youth understand how they make a difference, and give youth additional tools and ideas for their role as a leader.

Sea Scout Experience Advance Leadership Training (SEAL)

seal The SEAL training program is designed to teach leadership skills while underway. SEAL is designed to “jump start” the junior leaders of new Ships and to fine tune leaders of experienced ships. It is a physically and mentally demanding, and remarkably rewarding hands-on leadership experience. New and experienced sea Scouts will succeed at SEAL so long as they are willing to learn and work hard at preparation.

The SEAL training is a regional multi-day event aboard a sailing vessel.

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

nylt_logo National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action-packed program designed for councils to provide youth members with leadership skills and experience they can use in their units and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others. The NYLT course centers around the concepts of what a leader must BE, what he/she must KNOW, and what he/she must DO. The key elements are then taught with a clear focus on HOW TO. The skills come alive during the wek as the patrol goes on a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership.

Refer to the council training links.

National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

nayle_logo National Advance Youth Leadership Experience is an exciting program that enhances leadership skills and expands upon the team-building and ethical decision-making skills learned in National Youth Leadership Training. NATLE emphasizes leadership, teamwork, and selfless service, using the core elements of NYLE to help youth strengthen these skills. The NAYLE course is now available at all four national high-adventure bases. The material presented is basically the same at all four venues but is specific to the unique environment of each site.

Powder Horn

powder-horn-logo-grayscale Open to both registered adults and youth who are at least 13 and have completed the 8th grade, Powder Horn is a hands-on resource management course designed to give you the contacts and tools necessary to conduct an awesome high-adventure program in your troop, team, crew, or ship

Kodiak Challenge

The Kodiak Challenge is designed to be an adventure that pushes the boundaries of every participant – one that will encourage you to try new things that may be out of your comfort zone. It is an experience – but one that has its underpinnings in the application of the leadership skills learned in the Introduction to Leadership Skills, and NYLT, and/or NAYLE. It is, as is all of Scouting, an adventure with a purpose.