Online Registration

As of June 6, 2017, online member registration for new Scouts to join Scout units in the Occoneechee Council is available.  Online member registration for new adults leaders will be available as of August 15, 2020.

Parents are able to complete an online application for their child to join a Scout unit.  They are able to pay the national membership fee using a credit or debit card during the application process.  Once the application is accepted by a member of the unit key 3 and the payment is processed, the Scout will be a member of a local unit and the BSA.

Benefits of the new system include:

  • Support for today’s young families who are used to doing everything online
  • A system to manage recruitment
  • Built-in membership validation
  • Digital signatures accepted
  • Credit or debit cards accepted for online payment
  • Regular status notifications sent to unit key 3
  • Dashboards on to view application and lead status
  • The option to register new Scouts using a 100% paper-free process (some restrictions apply)
  • ScoutBook accounts will be automatically set-up for new members shortly after they are approved.

Preparing for deployment

To prepare your unit for a successful deployment of this new system, please:

  • Verify that you have the correct names and contact information recorded in the BSA’s official records (e.g. -> Member Manager)  for the following key positions in your unit:
    • Executive Officer (a.k.a. Institution Head)
    • Chartered Organization Representative
    • Committee Chair
    • Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, Skipper)
  • Make sure that each of the people in the positions listed above can login to their account and that they have the correct BSA ID number linked to their account and marked as primary. (Menu -> Manage Member ID)
  • Verify that the correct information for your unit is listed on   Unit key 3 members can update this information by logging in to their account and going to Menu -> Organization Manager ->Unit pin)

Instructions for use

The BSA National Online Registration Information Site has a variety of information to guide you through using these systems.  One of the more helpful documents on that page is the Online Registration Unit Guidebook.  There are also several brief videos showing how to do common online invitation and registration tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is the online application accessed?
    Families looking for a Scouting home can find your unit on the BeAScout website, send your unit an inquiry for more information or apply directly if your unit enables this feature. Your unit can also pass out a direct link to the unit’s online application by using a URL or QR code provided in the Online Registration Invitation Manager tool in My.Scouting.
  • How does the unit accept new applicant in this system?
    When a family fills out an online application, it is routed to the unit’s Application Manager dashboard. From there, any member of the unit Key 3 – the top unit leader, the committee chair, or the chartered organization representative – can approve a youth application. All fields on the paper application are in the digital application. Approval is just a press of the button by one of the Key 3, and if the new member paid by credit card, their information goes directly to your unit roster. If paid by cash or check, they will bring their online receipt and money to the unit and the unit will turn the receipt and money to the council in just like you do with paper applications today. Once the council has marked the member as paid, they will show in your unit roster.
  • Who is able to register online?
    The system is designed to register youth (under 18) who are new to Scouting.   Adult applications (age 18+) will be accepted after August 15, 2020 by units that wish to do so.   Transfers from one unit to another cannot currently be done using this system.  Future system updates will address these limitations.
  • Does the paper membership application process go away?
    No.  Paper applications are still available.
  • Can applications for online registration be made using mobile devices (e.g. tablets or smart phones)?
  • What payment methods are accepted to pay for an individual’s membership online?
    Credit and debit cards are accepted online.
  • What can be paid for with online payment?
    The national membership fee $66/year and Boys’ Life subscription fee ($12/year) can be paid online.  If the new member fee ($25 flat fee) is owed, the system will also collect it.  The actual amount an applicant is charged will be prorated based upon how many months are left until your unit recharters.  Unit dues cannot be collected online, although the system will notify applicants that an additional payment directly to the unit may be necessary.  As of 2020, the system is not collecting the per-person council insurance fee.  We hope that we can get this corrected soon.
  • Can a unit adjust the amount charged by the system?
    No.  New members who are applying for ScoutReach or other fee-reduced or fee-waived membership cannot currently use online registration.
  • Is a parent/guardian signature required for online membership registration?
    The parent/guardian’s digital signature replaces the need for a physical signature on paper.
  • Is the signature of a unit leader required to approve/accept an online membership registration?
    A physical signature is not required; however, a member of the unit key 3 must approve every youth application before it is accepted.  A representative of the chartering organization must approve adult applications.  This approval in My.Scouting is considered a digital signature.
  • Who approves a youth application?
    The unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, or Skipper), unit Committee Chair, and the Chartered Organization Representative all have approval authority for youth applications in their units.
  • Who approves an adult application?
    Per BSA bylaws, The Chartered Organization Representative is the primary person who approves adult applications.  If the Chartered Organization Representative is unavailable, the Executive Officer and Chartered Organization Delegate also have this authority.  The unit may elect to have the unit committed chair involved in the adult approval process, but this is not required.   A unit committee chair would not have the final authority to accept someone unless the unit committee chair were given another role, such as chartered organization delegate.
  • What is the difference between youht and adult applications?
    Youth applications are required for all individuals who are under the age of 18 at the time they apply to join.  Youth applications generally require parental approval.  Adult applications are used for individuals who are 18 years of age or more, even if they will be participating a program such as Venturing Participants or Sea Scout Members where they could earn youth awards, hold, youth offices, etc.  This means that all members who are 18 or older need to take youth protection training.
  • Will the system notify people who have actions to complete in either Invitation Manager or Application Manager?
    Email reminders are also sent twice a week to anyone who has actions to complete.  The email address used for these reminders is the person’s primary email address as listed in the BSA member registration database and visible in  Leads or applications needing action will be listed in the Application and Invitation Manager area of My.Scouting.Org.
  • Are there deadlines in the invitation manager and application manager systems?
    Yes.  Invitations and requests for information from BeAScout that appear in the Invitation Manager require a response within 5 days.  Membership applications require action within 8 days.  If a unit does not meet these deadlines, then the application or request for information will be automatically transferred to the appropriate district for action.  For online member applications, the entire process, including payment processing, must be completed within 60 days of the initial application.  While the 5 and 8 day timers will be reset when an application is transferred from one unit to another, the 60 day timer does not reset.
  • Is online member registration available in languages other than English?
    Not currently.
  • Can leads or applications get transferred from one unit to another?
  • Units can transfer incomplete and unapproved applications to elswhere in the council.  In most cases this would happen when a family decided that a different unit will neet their needs better (e.g. different meeting times, location, etc.)  These applications and leads go into a district pool.  Please help by placing some useuful comments as to why you reassigned the application to the district, so that the district staff can know what to do to help.
  • Where can I find out more about this system?
    Visit the BSA National Online Registration site. Note: Some information on this site may not apply to Occoneechee.
  • Who should I contact with questions?
    • Your local commissioner and professional staff
    • Tiffany Edmiston, Occoneechee Council Registrar
      [email protected]
    • Todd Taft, Occoneechee Council Online Tools Volunteer Lead
      [email protected]