Key 3

The Council Key 3 consists of the Council President, Council Commissioner, and Scout Executive. They meet informally as necessary to ensure proper coordination of the work of the council. They also furnish liaisons between the commissioner staff and the various committees of the council. Additionally, they may also provide proposals and recommendations to, but in no way usurp the authority of, the Executive Board or Executive Committee of the Board.

The Council President:

  • The highest officer and volunteer leader.
  • Serves as chairman at meetings of the council body, council executive board and council committees.
  • Sees that the vice-presidents and committee personnel are trained and coached in their committee assignments (assignments based on the council’s strategic plan).

Bill Davis

The Council Commissioner:

  • Works with the Scout Executive and provides leadership for the commissioner staff and other Scouters in effectively serving units in the council.
  • Serves with the Council President as a local council representatives to the National Council and regional/area committees.

Nick Long

The Scout Executive:

  • Commissioned by Boy Scouts of America, selected by the Council Executive Board, and serves under its direction.
  • Appoints and supervises all employees of the council, subject to the approval of the council executive committee.
  • Maintains standards in the operation, program, and administration of the council.

Charles Flowers