Internet Advancement 2.0

BSA has retired Internet Advancement 1.0

This was the Internet portal used from 2006 to May 23, 2019 – RIP Internet Advancement 1.0

Internet Advancement 2.0 is HERE

Training and information is available here: Please read the training before requesting help.

Access is limited to UNIT Key 3, Unit Key 3 Plus 3, and Unit Advancement Chair

Your Unit Key or Unit Key 3 plus 3 will need to login to

Click on Menu –> Unit –> Organization Security Manager

Grant the person, who must be a member of the unit, one of the roles (Key3, Key3+3, or Advancement Chair)

It may take 48 hours before new roles are active for IA 2.0

To remove an existing person, set their expiry date, to a date in the past, they will be removed.

This allows you to give the new person that role.

Access to Internet Advancement 2.0 is found at then choose Menu –> Legacy Web Tools.

Internet Advancement Presentation (246 downloads)