Cumberland Scout Shop Closing

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We hope that you and your family members are staying safe and looking forward to a productive Scouting summer.

In our efforts to be prudent fiscal stewards and increase our efficiencies, we regret to inform you that the Cumberland Scout Shop located in Fayetteville will close effective May 29, 2021. Due to reduced operational demands and declining revenue of the Shop, our Finance Committee made a recommendation to our Executive Committee to inform the National Council of our intentions to cease operations. This will allow us to re-allocate our resources to effectively focus on growing our membership and program delivery.

This decision was not made lightly: we realize that the Scout Shop served as a visible symbol of Scouting in the Greater Fayetteville community, a community resource. It is more than a place where uniforms, supplies, advancement and camping equipment were sold, but served as a location where volunteers could drop off registration applications, charters, Eagle Scout packets and other official Scouting documents.

We understand that closing this community resource will create hardship and inconvenience to those that came to rely on it. To address the closure, we will implement the following service to serve the volunteers and parents of our Scouts:

Using the Occoneechee (Raleigh) Scout Shop to fulfill orders, we can ship them directly to you or you can pick-up at the Raleigh Scout Shop. To access the on-line ordering system, click on the button below:


Thank you for your understanding.


Bill Davis
Council President

Kirk Johnson
Council Commissioner

Charles Flowers
Scout Executive