Council Staff and Professionals

The staff directory below is sorted alphabetically for your convenience.

Kevin Bartholomew
Director of Administration and Finance
Direct: (984) 204-1227
Bradley Brock
Family Scouting Executive
North Star District
Direct: (984) 220-8123
Robin Covert
Senior Family Scouting Executive
Eno River District
Direct: (984) 444-9944
Tiffany Edmiston
Registrar/Eagle Desk
Direct: (919) 582-0065
Charles Flowers
Scout Executive/CEO
Direct: (984) 777-3906
Lauri Gillie
Program Adminstrative Assistant
Direct: (984) 444-8601
Henry Goodson
Camping Director
Camp Office: (910) 948-2382
Cell: (910) 818-9244
Dona Johnston
Senior Executive Assistant
Direct: (984) 212-7875
Kenna McIntire
Program Director
Camp Office: (910) 948-2382
Cell: (919) 665-9619
Terry McIntire
Camp Office: (910) 948-3258
Cell: (910) 824-6201
Shaun Olynick, CFRE
Director of Development
Direct: (984) 444-8671
Cell: (919) 802-4845
Kate Parker
Communications & Marketing Director
Tyler Perkinson
Family Scouting Director
Cardinal District
Direct: (984) 220-8126
Gwangi Shipp
Family Scouting and Finance Development Director
Eno River and North Star Districts
Direct: (984) 220-8135
Carrie Snyder
Development Administrative Assistant
Direct: (984) 664-5984
Monica Switzer-Lea
Accounts Payable Specialist
Direct: (984) 444-8614
Adam VanStedum
Family Scouting and Finance Development Director
Cardinal and Sandhills Districts
Direct: (984) 444-8614
Cell: (919) 500-6445
Bill Walters
Development Director
Cell: (910) 818-9398
Laura Williford
Development Director
Direct: (984) 500-3163


Council Office Information

The Occoneechee Council consist of 10 districts; each district is represented by a professional staff member.  The Raleigh Service Center and all Staff can be reached at the phone numbers listed below. Upon reaching the Service Center, one of our office staff will direct your call to the appropriate person for your needs.

Phone: 919-872-4884

Mailing and Street Address:
3231 Atlantic Avenue
Raleigh, North Carolina  27604

Hours of Council Office Operation:
Monday – Friday  8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Council Scout Shops

Our scout shops are proud to be part of BSA National Supply group to help provide scouting in our local area.

Occoneechee Scout Shop Hours: 9 am to 6 pm Monday – Friday & 10 am to 4 pm Saturday. Closed Sundays.
Phone: 919-850-0301
Phone: 888-421-4744
Fax: 919-850-0392